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Sex Toys in Uzbekistan: Uzbekistan takes a grand position in Central Asia encompassed by several countries. It is a multiethnic nation with a population of 3.3 crores. A destination full of warmth and hospitality, Uzbekistan is dotted with amazing historic sites and wonderful people. The country has witnessed modernity in the last few years and people here are very optimistic about bettering relationships. 

Given such beautiful facts about the country, we took the initiative this year in 2020 to start such an online venture that would help people improve their sexual relationships. So, we launched the first online sex toy store in Uzbekistan, named Uzbekvibes. The reason behind such a name is to help people buy sex toys in Uzbekistan and let them enjoy special vibes towards making their life more positive and happier.

It is through Uzbekvibes.com that we have now started spreading the message of sexual wellness through Uzbekistan and Central Asia. We are doing this by selling a wide and amazing variety of adult products including toys and accessories for men, women, and couples as well. We have high hopes that this initiative of ours will bring positivity to the life of thousands.


Where can I Purchase Sex Toys in Uzbekistan?

Many people in Uzbekistan face different sexual problems, whether it is a man, a woman, married or single. So, we have got all types of adult products under this single platform where people would be able to shop right from their home and keep those complications at bay. The orders at Uzbekvibes can be placed through either a call or directly through the store.

Now, here are 5 big reasons why one would love to shop for sex toys in Uzbekistan:

  • Products of Top Quality
  • Modern Sex Accessories
  • Customer Care Support
  • Reliable Payment Methods
  • Faster Delivery at Doorstep


Why Purchase Sex Toys Online from Uzbekvibes?

Of course, there would be questions like these, especially for those who want to buy genuine sex toys in Uzbekistan. Again, we here at Uzbekvibes would take this pleasure to let everyone know that we deal with the safest products. Although these products are meant to trigger one’s sexual intentions, there is no presence of any harmful chemicals or materials that would harm the user’s health.

None of our sex toys available at this online sex toys store in Uzbekistan comprise phthalate or any such composition. In other words, Uzbekvibes deals with products that are purely non-toxic and completely functional. 

Moreover, we have segregated all our products through categories and subcategories that would help one find his/her desired product in no time. Variety is also a prime reason why men and women would benefit from shopping at Uzbekvibes.


How Can I Order Sex Toys from Uzbekvibes?

As we had mentioned earlier, ordering sex toys in Uzbekistan from Uzbekvibes does not take any time or effort. In fact, one can choose to order through any of the following procedures:


Direct Order from the Store

Just like you shop online from other e-commerce sites for your essential commodities, Uzbekvibes also has a very flexible shopping process. Once you visit the store, you can browse the products and add the same to cart. Once done, there are a few more steps to complete for the order to be placed. While placing an order from the store, you can always choose to pay through Cash on Delivery or your debit/credit card.


Request a Sales Executive on Call to Order

For this method, you need to contact a Sales Executive at our customer care department through call. He would take all relevant details and verify them as a formality. Once he is convinced with all your details and instructions, your order would be placed.


What Sex Toys are Available at Uzbekvibes?

According to many of our prospective customers, it is always a pleasure to shop at Uzbekvibes. The majority has opined that this has been a very user-friendly store. Even if one is willing to buy sex toys in Tashkent or other cities in Uzbekistan, it would all be possible here at Uzbekvibes.

Therefore, we present to you all our categories and subcategories at Uzbekvibes where you will have a great time shopping for sex toys in Uzbekistan. Take a quick look:


Female Sex Toys in Uzbekistan

Girls in Uzbekistan have shown high enthusiasm towards adopting sex toys inside their bedroom. Keeping this fact in mind, Uzbekvibes has brought some stylish and premium quality products for the ladies.


Sex Toys for Girls

Girls will not have to wander anywhere as they would find all types of sex toys here at low prices. These sex toys for female comprise everything from vibrating massagers, rabbit vibrators, sex machines to bullet vibrators, fun vibrators, and whatnot.


Accessories for Girls

The ‘Accessories for Girls’ subcategory has almost everything a woman needs to enjoy her sex life. For instance, one would find steel rings, nipple vibrators, vibrating panty, breast silicone bra and pad, and silicone breast prosthesis.


Needs for Girls

While browsing this section, girls would come across high-quality adult sex products that would help them regain confidence in bed. Products like enlargement cream for women, bosom enlargement machines, personal care items, artificial hymen, etc.


Male Sex Toys in Uzbekistan

Men will never run out of their desire to improve their sex life. So, here we have brought a perfect range of male sex toys in Uzbekistan that are worth taking a look:


Sex Toys for Boys

Finding sex toys in Uzbekistan for men will now be a pleasure here at this online sex toy store in Uzbekistan. Men will find here some advanced and modish masturbators along with lifelike male strokers, silicone dolls, big artificial vagina, and lots more. These sex toys for men are absolutely safe to use and hence worth buying.


Needs for Boys

Boys have several erotic needs to meet. So, with the male sex toys included in this section, life for men will take a new turn. One would find here enlargement cream for men, silicone ring, genital extender sleeve, enlarger device for men, etc.


Couple Sex Toys in Uzbekistan

Huge responses have been showered by couples in the last 6 months here at Uzbekvibes. So, we have got unique picks for partners who wish to purely enjoy their sex life. On exploring the ‘For Couple’ category, partners will find strap-on, anal dildos, toy cleaners, and more.

Find the coolest anal dildos, anal beads, anal vibrators, and more among the anal sex toys for couples in Uzbekistan. These products are all of the top quality materials and assure to keep your sex life free of worries and complications.


Some Special Products for Different Occasions

Life usually demands a bit more than what you get. Uzbekvibes has got an awesome collection of adult products for diverse occasions. Here is a quick look for you:


Party Sex Toys in Uzbekistan

If you haven’t used sex toys for some hot partying, Uzbekvibes will bring you that opportunity. Just check out the party toys collection here at Uzbekvibes that would amaze everyone from bondage sex lovers to those who love kinky pleasures.

Likewise, one would find here products like chastity lock, leather whip, mouth ball gag, sex swing, bondage chair, etc. Pheromone attractants along with erotic candles are also counted among our party sex toys in Uzbekistan.


Lube and Herbal Sex Toys in Uzbekistan

As far as the category of lube and herbal products is concerned, the products here available are all made with natural components. Singles and couples would find here desensitizers, herbal massage oil, herbal erotic products, and more of these.

The lubes and gels here are also available here in great variety. These are also devoid of side effects and do not cause any harm to one’s sexual health.  


Long Distance Sex Toys in Uzbekistan

Uzbekvibes has introduced a new concept of lovemaking from long distances. For this, the online sex toy store in Uzbekistan has brought a set of app-based bullet vibrators, known as the app control vibrators. These require the use of a smartphone and Bluetooth.

Wherever you are, you will be able to operate the vibrator on your partner’s body through the smartphone application. This is a brilliant concept that has led to high demand for long-distance sex toys in Uzbekistan.


5 Trending Sex Toys to Note at Uzbekvibes

In respect to the reports created in the last 6 months, Uzbekvibes has noted five such adult sex toys that have shown huge demand. Also, keeping in mind the reactions and comments of our users, we have voted the following sex toys in Uzbekistan for being in trend:



Among the highest selling products, strap-on bagged a wonderful response from all over Uzbekistan. Some couples sounded so positive about using the product while some said they want more variations in colors and with dildos.

Uzbekvibes recommends couples to try from its strap-on collection. There are products with both harness and without as well.


Realistic Vibrator

Out of so many vibrators in our store, the realistic vibrators have got a convincing response. Interestingly, the responses have come from girls of different ages. Even women in 40s have shown interest towards ordering these products.

With nice colors, unique designs, and varying lengths, the realistic vibrators got the highest number of buyers in the months of March, May, and June.


Spider Sower Masturbator

Hands-based masturbation belongs to the old school now. This was said by one of our potential buyers after using the spider sower masturbator. Indeed, this male masturbator has proved to be a stunning alternative to the usual masturbating ways of men.  

According to most of the users, the trick has been played by the presence of the soft-skin vagina. Men have just loved using these for hands-free masturbation.


Silicone Sex Doll

The most expensive sex toys are definitely these silicone sex dolls. Despite, money has not been a concern for many of our users. They have willingly said how they enjoyed the lifelike presence of the dolls on their bed. Some men were even ready to try different dolls.

Since the dolls are made of world-class silicone, the safety factor and fun element leave no question. Penetrations also get a lot smoother with these erotic sex dolls.


Cock Ring

Uzbekvibes was so happy to hear from men who had erection issues for quite some time. So, the cock rings played a major role in their lives. Some said these rings were so good on skin and never caused any problem.

Uzbekvibes preserves a fantastic collection of cock rings. This would be a great gift for all those men who had mostly found their penis to keep hard and erect.

Now, you know how sex toys in Uzbekistan have done a remarkable job in the lives of both men and women. With time, we would bring more innovative products to make a huge difference in the sex lives of everyone.

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Ergash K.
This customer have not purchased any product
Life Is exciting with male stroke
My life is far better than before. The credit goes to the male stroker that looks awesome. I can feel that playing with this stroker has fulfilled my longer lasting desire with few simple ways. The tenderness is just awesome.
Galima B.
This customer have not purchased any product
I am excited to have this
This time I have the best product. I have the herbal product that has provided me that level of satisfaction I was searching for a long time. The cream is made from high quality material that makes it totally safe for us to use. I love the cream because it slowly absorbs in the skin and in the morning I feel the skin has become better.
Anna S.
This customer have not purchased any product
Grabbed the right toy at last
This is the best gift of my life that made me content. My husband has given me this breast enlargement machine that has proved beneficial for me. I love the two cups that fits my breasts well. Even the vibrations are awesome and I can change the modes as per my wish. The suction is just great and as a whole my breast has grown by few inches.
Sevara N.
This customer have not purchased any product
The hidden truth is not revealed
No one knows that I have lost my virginity. I am unable to say this to anyone. So, as a safety precaution I bought two artificial hymens from this online store. One I have used to know about the usage. Trust me, it is very simple and effectual way to fake virginity as the vagina is tight and the thin layer breaks and blood-like liquid comes out from it.
Shoira O.
This customer have not purchased any product
Enjoying truly with something special
I love to play with sex toys of multiple kinds. So, when I saw this vibrating panty I have decided to use it as it will make me feel much better. Truly, I don’t have to wait for night as I can wear it and start to enjoy the naughty vibes anytime I want. The remote makes the job super easy.
Aisha al M.
This customer have not purchased any product
Life is now enjoyable with the toy
I am divorced women and I like to try new toys. So, this time I picked a new toy that is a stimulator. I can play happily with any toy and frankly speaking this makes me have multiple orgasms. The remote control makes the operation super easy. The vibes from this toy makes the private life superb.
Asal Y.
This customer have not purchased any product
Night life is too much enjoyable
Recently I bought the electro sex kit from this online store that has changed my life. There are several features that make it really unique. The pulsations from this toy are just perfect to tease my nether region and go crazy with desires. My work becomes super easy with the LCD that helps me to monitor it nicely.
Jamila S.
This customer have not purchased any product
Fabulous moments with this sex kit
Life has changed a lot as I have the sex kit. There are 5 sleeves of different shapes that can be attached with 1 steel vibrator. The toys are very soft and flexible and go inside very smoothly. Even cleaning it is also very easy task. I have suggested this one to my friends as well.
Shahzoda A.
This customer have not purchased any product
What a perfect massager!!
I am very excited to have this vibrating toy i.e. the lelo vibrator that looks simply wow. I am also enthusiastic after using this one as it is not like the other vibrators I have. Yes, it is toy that is best to massage and stimulate any sensitive part of my body and slowly turns up the heat and finally gives me required orgasms I was looking for a long time.
Rakhima M.
This customer have not purchased any product
Had never tried before!
Till now, I had 8 toys in my closet, and this is my 9th one. A completely new thing for me which I am excited about! At first, it looked a bit complex but once I got used to the controls, it looked so good and amazing. I guess if you are one of those girls looking for a vibrator, this is certainly a worthy one. Go for it; I bet you will have fun!
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